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"I assumed at school that I’d have to resign myself to some serious (and potentially boring) career if I wanted to be successful.

But there was another side to me that was dying to be unleashed. The side that wanted to experience cool sh*t AND see where my career could take me.

This is the book I needed when I was 18."


Alana Kilmartin is an Australian author who proudly grew up on a farm outside a town no-one has ever heard of. She is an avid traveler and passionate snowboarder who has lived in 4 countries across 3 continents. After graduating with Bachelors of Commerce and Biomedical Science from Monash University in 2017 she realized that it was time to stop making career decisions based on what other people thought she should do. This sparked a move to New Zealand where she became the number 1 first year travel agent in the country. Experiencing burnout at the age of 26 inspired Alana to embark on a journey to get less serious about her career and life. This led to her writing Unserious Careers with the hope that it could give other young people a permission slip to create careers their way from the outset. Alana is currently travelling the world on an adult gap year with her partner.  


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I'm a careers professional or in the education space, will I find this book beneficial?


Unserious Careers is a fresh approach to the early career decisions of a young person. This is an amazing resource and I truly believe that through reading the book you will either gain a new perspective (that you can bring into your work) or you will validate the approach you are already taking (which might go against conventional wisdom). 

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I'm not in the first 5 years of my career, will this book still be relevant for me?


This book has been written for someone right at the start of their career. However the actions will still be applicable no matter which stage or age you're at! If you're looking to ditch the pressure of a high-stress work relationship and focus on fun instead, this book is a fantastic place to start. 

I'm a parent, would this be helpful for me to read or purchase for my child?


The book has been written for young people however as a parent there is still a lot that you can gain by reading it. I believe that the best thing you can do as a parent is be supportive and encouraging of your child's early career. They are going to have a lot of questions and may not know who to ask. The more informed you are about the career options out there, the better able you are to deliver some kickass career help!

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